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Dust Free Container Loading


Loading or filling containers with Meat and Bone Meal using the traditional flinger or slinger can generate a significant amount of dust which creates environmental and health and safety hazards.

Conveyor Industries was contacted by Affco Wairoa to eliminate these issues along with a requirement to achieve maximum payload with minimal labour influence and input.

The system designed consisted of a screw conveyor mounted on a support structure. The conveyor is fitted with a drive mechanisim that powers the conveyor into the container.

As the container is filled the meal is compacted by the screw conveyor, when maximum compaction is reached the screw conveyor automatically retracts 500mm and the filling continues. This is repeated until the container is completely filled.

Depending on the available footprint the system can be set up so that it is by passed to accommodate the loading of open top trucks.

The system was successfully commissioned and to date approx 500 containers have been loaded, each achieving consistent, maximum payloads with trouble free operation.


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